Friday November 28, 2014


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Angels when they sleep

Our children looked like angels when they slept.


Chicken feet

It’s a romantic scene: I'm beside Farmer on the couch. He stares straight ahead at the...

Playing Christmas

Young children learn through play.

Changing everything changes nothing

“We cannot fix what is wrong on the inside of us by re-arranging what’s on the...

Grey Cup is set

The Calgary Stampeders hammered the Edmonton Eskimos 45-18 in the Western Final to advance to the...

Choosing the perfect gift

Believe it or not, like it or not, Christmas is less than a month away.

First snow fun

Yikes! I’ve gone and put a foul, four-letter word right smack in the middle of my headline. I ...

November’s tail

God’s offer

Negotiating life's curves

Riders season is over

Ready for winter?

Pack a box

Be careful how you choose

The small things

Riders win regular season finale

That little blue dot

Three life-changing words

Life skills

It’s all about me

Things left behind

Sending love

Giants win World Series

Most appropriate doming apparel

Spiritual renovations

What do we do now?

Riders blow big lead


Pumpkin everything!

When you feel overwhelmed

Recognizing the bubbles

Announcing good news

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