Thursday July 24, 2014


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Refugee healthcare cuts are wrong

Canada has long been a safe haven for those seeking protection from violence and persecution in troubled parts of the world, but our reputation for compassion has been called into question by the Conservative government's decision to deny refugee...


Services will resume in Redvers

Emergency services and the acute care wing of the Redvers Health Centre could reopen this fall.

Fluoride shouldn't be in water

Dear editor, Sixty per cent of Estevan voters agreed to hydrofluorosilicic acid (HFSA)...

TFW program abuses must stop

Dear editor, How many more scandals will it take before the Conservatives finally get serious...

Liquor stores should remain open

Dear editor, When the provincial government announced it would be closing four public liquor...

Saskatchewan needs foreign workers

Dear editor, For over a century, Saskatchewan has welcomed newcomers as productive members of...

Vaccinations have to happen

Dear editor, Long thought by most people to belong to the bad old days of polio and smallpox,...

Heartfelt thanks

Greens respond to pay hike

Concerns linger over home care

New nursing home is needed

Does the CWB still exist?

Be careful what you wish for

New measures are a bad idea

Twin, don't resurface

Victims need to be protected

Protect yourself from fraud

Harper is flip-flopping

Canada should include all families

Promoting military history

School for everyone

Don't sell the casinos

Trudeau wants a less accountable Senate

A missed opportunity

School boards need revenues

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